Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Product: Bill Nye the Science Guy - Digestion

Includes 3 different handouts with answer keys to accompany the Bill Nye the Science Guy video for Digestion. The handouts include 2 fill-in-the-blanks (same questions, but 1 includes a word bank) and a fill-in-the-blank for the song at the end!  You can use any of the handouts to fit your needs including just singing the song at the end without filling in the blanks!  The questions are in order so they do not have to worry about searching all over the page to complete it all.

The videos can be purchased here.

Concepts include:
chyme, digestion, enzymes, peristalsis, saliva, small intestine, stomach, and teeth

Having students take notes during a video increases their ability to retain the information from the video. Students are able to create comprehensive fill-in-the-blank notes to study while still having enough time to appreciate the video.

hydrochloric acid
large intestine
small intestine
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