Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bill Nye the Science Guy

I am a huge Bill Nye fan!  I enjoyed watching the videos when I was younger and I have always enjoyed showing them to my current students.  The videos are short enough that they can be used quickly during any class to help reinforce or to introduce a new concept.

I have all 100 episodes of the Bill Nye the Science Guy series as well as the episodes of Eyes of Nye.

I already create and use handouts with my own students and thought that it would be nice to share those with others.  I intend to create handouts that any teacher can use to accompany the videos.  I am going to start small by including a worksheet, answer key, and an activity for each video.  I then plan on creating a more comprehensive set for each video that can correlate to the Next Generation Science Standards.

I will be using the Teachers Pay Teachers to upload my materials.  Please take a moment to visit my store Every Little Piece to see the different products that I have listed!  I have already created and uploaded my first set of handouts that is for the episode Flight.

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